CCNA 1 - Networking Basics (V3.1)

CCNA 1 Practice Final Exam Answer V3.1

1. When a network administrator applies the subnet mask to a Class A address, for any given subnet, how many IP addresses are available to be assigned to devices?








2. What is the maximum distance that 10BASE-T will transmit data before signal attenuation affects the data delivery?

100 meters

185 meters

300 meters

500 meters

CCNA 1 Final Exam Answers V3.1

1. A router determines the path to deliver a packet. What layer of the OSI model does this fact represent?




data link




 CCNA 1 Final Exam Answers V3.1 (1)
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has configured a network after subnetting the network number Workstation 1 is not able to communicate with Workstation 2. What is the cause of this loss in communications?

Workstation 1 and Workstation 2 are on the same subnet.

The serial connections are using addresses from the LAN subnets.

Workstation 1 is not on the same network that the Router 1 LAN interface is on.

If routers are used in the network, IP addresses do not need to be subnetted.

CCNA 1 Module 11 V3.1 Answers

1. Which layer of the OSI model can provide a connection-oriented, reliable data transfer between two hosts?






2. Which protocol is used to transfer files from computer to computer but is considered connectionless?






CCNA 1 Module 10 V3.1 Answers

CCNA 1 Module 10 V3.1 Answers

1. How does a router decide where the contents of a received frame should be forwarded?

by matching destination IP addresses with networks in the routing table

by matching the destination IP address with IP addresses listed in the ARP table

by matching the destination MAC address with MAC addresses listed in the CAM table

by forwarding the frame to all interfaces except the interface on which the frame was received


2. Which device would add security to a network by not forwarding broadcasts?






CCNA 1 Module 9 V3.1 Answers


CCNA 1 Module 9 v3.1 (1)
Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are correct in reference to the output shown? (Choose two.)

The LAN segment is subnetted to allow 254 subnets.

The DNS server for this host is on the same subnet as the host.

The host automatically obtained the IP addresses

The host received the IP address from a DHCP-enabled device on the local LAN segment.

The host is assigned an address of 00-50-8D-F1-EA-8D by the administrator.



CCNA 1 Module 9 v3.1 (2)
Refer to the exhibit. The small office LAN shown in the exhibit may eventually be connected to the Internet. According to Cisco best practice, which IP network addresses should be used?

CCNA 1 Module 8 V3.1 Answers

CCNA 1 Module 8 V3.1 Answers

1. A network administrator has a multi-floor LAN to monitor and maintain. Through careful monitoring, the administrator has noticed a large amount of broadcast traffic slowing the network. Which device would you use to best solve this problem?






2. What is the function of a Layer 2 switch?

forwards data based on logical addressing

duplicates the electrical signal of each frame to every port

learns the port assigned to a host by examining the destination MAC address

determines which interface is used to forward a frame based on the destination MAC address

CCNA 1 Module 7 V3.1 Answers

1. How does 1000BASE-T use the UTP wire pairs to accomplish transmission?

two pairs are used to transmit and two pairs are used to receive

one pair is used to transmit, one pair is used to receive, one pair is used for clocking, and one pair is used for error correction

all four pairs are used in parallel by both hosts to transmit and receive simultaneously

two pairs of wires are used as in 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX


2. Which RJ-45 pins are used to transmit and receive data in an Ethernet 100BASE-TX Category 5 UTP cable? (Choose two.)

1 and 2

3 and 6

4 and 5

7 and 8

CCNA 1 Module 6 V3.1 Answers

1. A router has an Ethernet, Token Ring, serial, and ISDN interface. Which interfaces will have a MAC address?

serial and ISDN interfaces

Ethernet and Token Ring interfaces

Ethernet and ISDN interfaces

Token Ring and serial interfaces



CCNA 1 Module 6 v3.1 (1)
Refer to the exhibit. A technician wants to increase the available bandwidth for the workstation by allowing the switch and the NIC on the workstation to transmit and receive simultaneously. What will permit this?




crossover cable

CCNA 1 Module 5 V3.1 Answers

CCNA 1 Module 5 V3.1 Answers

1. Which of the following are benefits of peer-to-peer networks? (Choose three.)

centralized security

easy to create

very scalable

no centralized equipment required

centralized administrator not required

centralized control of assets


2. What is the most common type of cabling used in LANs?





CCNA 1 Module 4 V3.1 Answers

1. What factors need to be considered to limit the amount of signal attenuation in Ethernet cable runs? (Choose two.)

type of users

number of users

length of cable

type of electrical equipment

installation of connectors on the cable


2. A company needs to extend the LAN to six separate buildings. To limit the amount of signal attenuation on the LAN media, what type of media would be the best to use between the buildings?

air (wireless)

coaxial cable


shielded twisted pair

unshielded twisted pair