CCNA 1 Module 4 V3.1 Answers

1. What factors need to be considered to limit the amount of signal attenuation in Ethernet cable runs? (Choose two.)

type of users

number of users

length of cable

type of electrical equipment

installation of connectors on the cable


2. A company needs to extend the LAN to six separate buildings. To limit the amount of signal attenuation on the LAN media, what type of media would be the best to use between the buildings?

air (wireless)

coaxial cable


shielded twisted pair

unshielded twisted pair


3. What is a cause of crosstalk in UTP cable?

cable pairs that are shorted

cable pairs crossed during termination

cabling runs installed in separate conduit

cable pairs that are untwisted because of poor termination of the cable


4. Which of the following describes frequency?

length of each wave

height of each wave

number of cycles each second

amount of time between each wave


5. How are binary ones and zeros represented in fiber optic installations? (Choose two.)

+5 volts/-5 volts

0 volts/5 volts

light/no light

high to low electrical transition

low to high electrical transition

increasing/decreasing light intensity


6. What is expected when crosstalk is present in networks with higher transmission frequencies? (Choose two.)


increase in crosstalk

higher signal attenuation

increases in cancellation effect

destruction of more of the data signal


7. A small company is experiencing difficulties on its LAN. After performing some tests, a technician has determined that the copper media supporting the LAN is experiencing abnormal attenuation. What are two possible causes of the problem? (Choose two.)

defective connectors

excessively long cable lengths

use of higher grade cabling

low frequency signals used in the media

network cable runs isolated from other cables


8. To ensure reliable LAN communications, what should a technician be looking for when attaching connectors to the ends of UTP cable?

that the white-orange/orange pair is attached first

that the wire pairs remain twisted as much as possible

that one end of the shield is properly ground but not the other

that 50 ohm termination resistors are on both ends


9. What conditions are described when transmission signals from one wire pair affects another wire pair? (Choose two.)


resistance mismatch





10. Which of the following are detected by the wire map test? (Choose three.)

near-end crosstalk (NEXT)


propagation delay

return loss

reversed-pair faults

short circuits

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