CCNA Final Exam 2012

CCNA 2 Final Exam Answers 2012

1. Which two statements are true for link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.)

Routers that run a link-state protocol can establish a complete topology of the network.

Routers in a multipoint network that run a link-state protocol can exchange routing tables.

Routers use only hop count for routing decisions.

The shortest path first algorithm is used.

Split horizon is used to avoid routing loops.



ERouting Final Exam CCNA 2 Version 2012

Refer to the exhibit. RouterA and RouterB cannot successfully exchange EIGRP routes. What is the problem?

The hello intervals do not match.

The autonomous system numbers do not match.

The no auto-summary command is missing from both routers.

The ip bandwidth-percent command is missing from RouterB.

CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers 2012

1. A wireless client is attempting to establish a connection with a wireless access point. What process does the client use to discover the access points which are available to it?







LAN Switching and Wireless

Refer to the exhibit. Each switch is shown with its MAC address. Which switch will be elected as the spanning-tree root bridge if the switches are configured with their default priority values?

switch A

switch B

switch C

switch D

switch E

switch F