CCNA Exploration 3 Module 4 Exam Answers

CCNA 3 Chapter 4 V4.0 Answers

1. Which statement is true when VTP is configured on a switched network that incorporates VLANs?

VTP is only compatible with the 802.1Q standard.

VTP adds to the complexity of managing a switched network.

VTP allows a switch to be configured to belong to more than one VTP domain.

VTP dynamically communicates VLAN changes to all switches in the same VTP domain.



CCNA 3 Chapter 4 V4.0 Answers (1)
Refer to the exhibit. What information can be learned from the output provided?

It verifies the configured VTP password.

It verifies the VTP domain is configured to use VTP version 2.

It verifies VTP advertisements are being exchanged.

It verifies the VTP domain name is V1.