Networking for Home and Small Businesses Chapter 2

CCNA Discovery 1 Chapter 2 V4.0 Answers

DHomesb Chapter 2 – CCNA Discovery: Networking for Home and Small Businesses (Version 4.0)

1. A computer in the Advanced Technology Center computer room on the second floor, room number 217, has the computer name ATC_217_7. What fact is true about the computer name?

The name is dynamically assigned by the DNS server.

The name is required to allow connectivity to the DHCP server.

The name must include the floor number to support the SLA agreement.

The names of all devices in a workgroup must be the same to allow LAN connectivity.

The name makes it easier for users to reference the device when connecting to it to share resources.


2. Which three pieces of information must be specified on a computer to allow that computer to send and receive information across networks? (Choose three.)

IP address

subnet mask

closest server

default gateway

operating system

network card manufacturer