LAN Switching and Wireless Final Exam Answers

CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers 2012

1. A wireless client is attempting to establish a connection with a wireless access point. What process does the client use to discover the access points which are available to it?







LAN Switching and Wireless

Refer to the exhibit. Each switch is shown with its MAC address. Which switch will be elected as the spanning-tree root bridge if the switches are configured with their default priority values?

switch A

switch B

switch C

switch D

switch E

switch F

CCNA 4 Final Exam V4.0 Answers

CCNA 4 Final Exam V4.0 Answers

1. What functionality do access control lists provide in the implementation of dynamic NAT on a Cisco router?

define which addresses can be translated

define which addresses are assigned to a NAT pool

define which addresses are allowed out the router

define which addresses can be accessed from the inside network


2. Which three guidelines would help contribute to creating a strong password policy? (Choose three.)

Once a good password is created, do not change it.

Deliberately misspell words when creating passwords.

Create passwords that are at least 8 characters in length.

Use combinations of upper case, lower case, and special characters.

Write passwords in locations that can be easily retrieved to avoid being locked out.

Use long words found in the dictionary to make passwords that are easy to remember.

CCNA 3 Final Exam V4.0 Answers

1. Which security protocol or measure would provide the greatest protection for a wireless LAN?


cloaking SSIDs

shared WEP key

MAC address filtering



CCNA 1 Final Exam V4.0 Answers
Refer to the exhibit. All trunk links are operational and all VLANs are allowed on all trunk links. An ARP request is sent by computer 5. Which device or devices will receive this message?

only computer 4

computer 3 and RTR-A

computer 4 and RTR-A

computer 1, computer 2, computer 4, and RTR-A

computer 1, computer 2, computer 3, computer 4, and RTR-A

all of the computers and the router