CCNA2 Chapter5

CCNA 2 Chapter 5 V4.0 Answers


CCNA 2 Chapter 5 V4.0 Answers (1)

Refer to the exhibit. The network that is shown is running RIPv1. The network was recently added and will only contain end users. What command or set of commands should be entered on Router1 to prevent RIPv1 updates from being sent to the end user devices on the new network while still allowing this new network to be advertised to other routers?

Router1(config-router)# no router rip Router1(config-router)# network

Router1(config-router)# no network

Router1(config-router)# passive-interface fastethernet 0/0

Router1(config-router)# passive-interface serial 0/0/0



CCNA 2 Chapter 5 V4.0 Answers (2)

Refer to the output from the show ip route command. What can be concluded from the output of this router command?

A preferred route to the destination has not been set.

There are two equal cost paths to network

Both interfaces are being used equally to route traffic.

A variance must be set to load-balance across multiple paths.