CCNA Exploration 3 Chapter 7 Answers

CCNA 3 Chapter 7 V4.0 Answers

CCNA 3 Chapter 7 V4.0 Answers

1. Which two statements concerning network security are accurate? (Choose two.)

802.11i uses 3DES for encryption.

Open authentication uses no client or AP verification.

The 802.11i protocol is functionally identical to WPA.

802.11i incorporates a RADIUS server for enterprise authentication.

A wireless client first associates with an AP and then authenticates for network access.


2. Which installation method will allow connectivity for a new wireless network?

set up WEP on the access point only

set up open access on both the access point and each device connected to it

set up full encryption on the access point while leaving each device connected to the network open

set up full encryption on each device of the WLAN while leaving the access point settings open