CCNA Discovery 3 Chapter 1

CCNA Discovery 3 Chapter 1 V4.0 Answers

DRSEnt Chapter 1 - CCNA Discovery: Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise (Version 4.0)

1. The ABC Corporation implements the network for its new headquarters using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture. The network administrator wants to filter the traffic from and to the outside world. Where should the administrator deploy a firewall device?

server farm

enterprise edge

enterprise campus

service provider edge


2. How does a VPN work to support remote user productivity?

It uses SSL to encrypt remote user logins to the corporate intranet.

It uses secure Telnet for remote user connections to internal network devices.

It creates a virtual circuit that allows real-time communications between any two Internet endpoints.

It uses encapsulation to create a secure tunnel for transmission of data across non-secure networks.