CCNA Discovery 2 Final Exam

CCNA Discovery 2 Final Exam V4.1 Answers

CCNA Discovery 2 Final Exam V4.1 Answers

DsmbISP Final Exam - CCNA Discovery: Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP (Version 4.1)

1. Which statement is true about FTP implementations?

The protocol interpreter (PI) function engages once the data transfer process (DTP) function is complete.

The DTP function is responsible for the login sequence.

FTP requires two connections, one for control and one for data.

Both the PI and the DTP close automatically when the transfer is complete.


2. A user is able to ping an FTP server across a WAN but is unable to download files from the server. What should be checked to resolve this problem?

the NIC drivers

the IP configuration

the LED status of the NIC

firewall settings