CCNA 1 Module 11 Answers 2010

CCNA 1 Chapter 11 V4.0 Answers

CCNA 1 Chapter 11 V4.0 Answers (1)
Refer to the exhibit. What command will place the router into the correct mode to configure an appropriate interface to connect to a LAN?

UBAMA# configure terminal

UBAMA(config)# line vty 0 4

UBAMA(config)# line console 0

UBAMA(config)# interface Serial 0/0/0

UBAMA(config)# interface FastEthernet 0/1


2. In a Cisco router, when do changes made to the running-configuration take effect?

after a system restart

**as the commands are entered

when logging off the system

when the configuration is saved to the startup-configuration