CCNA Discovery 3 Chapter 2 V4.0 Answers

DRSEnt Chapter 2 – CCNA Discovery: Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise (Version 4.0)

1. Which two router parameters can be set from interface configuration mode? (Choose two.)

IP address

Telnet password


console password

subnet mask

enable secret password


2. An investment company has multiple servers that hold mission critical data. They are worried that if something happens to these servers, they will lose this valuable information. Which type of plan is needed for this company to help minimize loss in the event of a server crash?

business security

business continuity

network maintenance

service level agreement


3. Which three items would be found in a NOC? (Choose three.)

raised floors

all wireless access points

network monitoring station

departmental printers

customer workstations

data storage devices


4. What two features are true of an IDF? (Choose two.)

referred to as a wiring closet

located within the NOC

contains access layer devices for user connectivity

contains firewalls and content filtering devices

alternately called an MDF


5. It is crucial that network administrators be able to examine and configure network devices from their homes. Which two approaches allow this connectivity without increasing vulnerability to external attacks? (Choose two.)

Configure a special link at the POP to allow external entry from the home computer.

Set up VPN access between the home computer and the network.

Install a cable modem in the home to link to the network.

Configure ACLs on the edge routers that allow only authorized users to access management ports on network devices.

Configure a server in the DMZ with a special username and password to allow external access.


6. Which type of network map shows the location of hosts, network devices, and media?

physical topology

logical topology

control plane

business continuity


7. When searching for information about authentication methods and usernames of company personnel, where can a network administrator look?

Business Continuity Plan

Business Security Plan

Network Maintenance Plan

Service Level Agreement


8. Which two pieces of information are documented in a logical topology map? (Choose two.)

physical cabling

service level agreements

IP addressing

IDF location

group usage information

facility floor plans


9. Which two situations require a network administrator to use out-of-band management to change a router configuration? (Choose two.)

Network links to the router are down.

No Telnet password has been configured on the router.

The administrator can only connect to the router using SSH.

The network interfaces of the router are not configured with IP addresses.

Company security policy requires that only HTTPS be used to connect to routers.


10. A Cisco router needs to be configured from a remote location by the use of out-of-band management. Which method should be used?

Use Telnet or SSH and connect to an IP address of a FastEthernet port.

Use HTTP to connect to an IP address on a FastEthernet port.

Use dial up and a modem to connect to the auxiliary port.

Use a terminal emulation program and connect to the console port.


11. A network administrator needs to configure Telnet access to a router. Which group of commands enable Telnet access to the router?

Router(config)# enable password class
Router(config)# line con 0
Router(config-line)# login
Router(config-line)# password cisco

Router(config)# ip host NewYork
Router(config)# enable password cisco

Router(config)# line aux 0
Router(config-line)# login
Router(config-line)# password cisco

Router(config)# enable password class
Router(config)# line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)# password cisco
Router(config-line)# login


12. What device is responsible for moving packets to destination networks outside the local network?



IPS device

IDS device


13. Which two items protect a corporate network against malicious attacks at the enterprise edge ? (Choose two.)

point of demarcation

IP security (IPSec)

Data Service Unit (DSU)

intrusion prevention system (IPS)

intrusion detection system (IDS)


14. Which two types of information should be included in a business continuity plan? (Choose two.)

maintenance time periods

intrusion monitoring records

offsite data storage procedures

alternate IT processing locations

problem resolution escalation steps


15. A network administrator must define specific business processes to implement if a catastrophic disaster prevents a company from performing daily business routines. Which portion of the network documentation is the administrator defining?

business security plan

business continuity plan

network solvency plan

service level agreement

network maintenance plan


16. A network administrator has just inserted a new WIC2T controller into the first available slot of an 1841 router. The administrator needs to configure the first serial interface of this new controller. Which interface should be used?







17. What information can an administrator learn using the show version command?

Cisco IOS filename

configured routing protocol

status of each interface

IP addresses of all interfaces


18. A DoS attack crippled the daily operations of a large company for 8 hours. Which two options could be implemented by the network administrator to possibly prevent such an attack in the future? (Choose two.)

install security devices with IDS and IPS at the enterprise edge

reset all user passwords every 30 days

filter packets based on IP address, traffic pattern, and protocol

deny external workers VPN access to internal resources

ensure critical devices are physically secure and placed behind the demarc


19. What type of connection point is a point of presence (POP)?

between a client and a host

between two local networks

between a computer and a switch

between an ISP and an Enterprise network


20. A network manager wants to have processes in place to ensure that network upgrades do not affect business operations. What will the network manager create for this purpose?

business security plan

business continuity plan

service level agreement

network maintenance plan


21. What is the maximum recommended cable length for Fast Ethernet over UTP?

50 meters

75 meters

100 meters

150 meters


22. Which two statements are true about a network operations center (NOC)? (Choose two.)

Most NOCs only have tower servers or desktop servers that provide high-speed storage capabilities for thousands of clients.

A NOC is typically used only to monitor and maintain the most critical network components.

Because access is secured by firewalls, backup systems are not required in a NOC .

Routers, high-speed switches, and servers are located within a NOC.

High-speed and high-capacity data storage are important aspects of a NOC.


23. What is the demarcation?

physical point where the ISP responsibility ends and the customer responsibility begins

physical location where all server farm connections meet before being distributed into the Core

point of entry for outside attacks and is often vulnerable

point of entry for all Access Layer connections from the Distribution Layer devices

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