CCNA 1 Chapter 11 V6.0 Answers

1. Which two actions can be taken to prevent a successful network attack on an email server account? (Choose two.)

Limit the number of unsuccessful attempts to log in to the server.

Never use passwords that need the Shift key.

Never send the password through the network in a clear text.

Distribute servers throughout the building, placing them close to the stakeholders.

Use servers from different vendors.


2. What is the purpose of issuing the commands cd nvram: then dir at the privilege exec mode of a router?

to direct all new files to the NVRAM

to clear the content of the NVRAM

to list the content of the NVRAM

to copy the directories from the NVRAM


3. Some routers and switches in a wiring closet malfunctioned after an air conditioning unit failed. What type of threat does this situation describe?






4. What is the purpose of the network security authentication function?

to keep track of the actions of a user

to require users to prove who they are

to determine which resources a user can access

to provide challenge and response questions


5. Which command should be used on a Cisco router or switch to allow log messages to be displayed on remotely connected sessions using Telnet or SSH?

terminal monitor

debug all

show running-config

logging synchronous


6. A network technician issues the C:\> tracert -6 command on a Windows PC. What is the purpose of the -6 command option?

It sends 6 probes within each TTL time period.

It limits the trace to only 6 hops.

It forces the trace to use IPv6.

It sets a 6 milliseconds timeout for each replay.


7. What is the purpose of using SSH to connect to a router?

It allows secure transfer of the IOS software image from an unsecure workstation or server.

It allows a router to be configured using a graphical interface.

It allows a secure remote connection to the router command line interface.

It allows the router to be monitored through a network management application.


8. Fill in the blank. Do not use abbreviations.

The show version command that is issued on a router is used to verify the value of the software configuration register.


9. Match the type of information security threat to the scenario. (Not all options are used.)

Match the type of information security threat to the scenario

Place the options in the following order.

installing virus code to destroy surveillance recordings for certain days -> data loss

pretending to be someone else by using stolen personal information to apply for a credit card ->identity theft

preventing userd from accessing a website by sending a large number of link requests in a short period -> disruption of service

obtaining trade secret documents illegally -> information theft


10. Which two traffic types require delay sensitive delivery? (Choose two.)







11. Refer to the exhibit. Baseline documentation for a small company had ping round trip time statistics of 36/97/132 between hosts H1 and H3. Today the network administrator checked connectivity by pinging between hosts H1 and H3 that resulted in a round trip time of 1458/2390/6066. What does this indicate to the network administrator?

What does this indicate to the network administrator?

H3 is not connected properly to the network.

Performance between the networks is within expected parameters.

Connectivity between H1 and H3 is fine.

Something is causing interference between H1 and R1.

Something is causing a time delay between the networks.


12. Which type of network threat is intended to prevent authorized users from accessing resources?

Access attacks

trust exploitation

reconnaissance attacks

DoS attacks


13. A newly hired network technician is given the task of ordering new hardware for a small business with a large growth forecast. Which primary factor should the technician be concerned with when choosing the new devices?

devices that have support for network monitoring

redundant devices

devices with support for modularity

devices with a fixed number and type of interfaces


14. Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is trying to troubleshoot connectivity between PC1 and PC2 and uses the tracert command from PC1 to do it. Based on the displayed output, where should the administrator begin troubleshooting?

Based on the displayed output, where should the administrator begin troubleshooting?







15. When should an administrator establish a network baseline?

at regular intervals over a period of time

when there is a sudden drop in traffic

at the lowest point of traffic in the network

when the traffic is at peak in the network


16. A network administrator for a small company is contemplating how to scale the network over the next three years to accommodate projected growth. Which three types of information should be used to plan for network growth? (Choose three.)

analysis of the network traffic based on protocols, applications, and services used on the network

human resource policies and procedures for all employees in the company

documentation of the current physical and logical topologies

inventory of the devices that are currently used on the network

listing of the current employees and their role in the company

history and mission statement of the company


17. Fill in the blank.

VoIP defines the protocols and technologies that implement the transmission of voice data over an IP network


18. Which network design consideration would be more important to a large corporation than to a small business?


low port density switch

Internet router



19. A network administrator is issuing the login block-for 180 attempts 2 within 30 command on a router. Which threat is the network administrator trying to prevent?

a user who is trying to guess a password to access the router

a device that is trying to inspect the traffic on a link

a worm that is attempting to access another part of the network

an unidentified individual who is trying to access the network equipment room


20. Which command will backup the configuration that is stored in NVRAM to a TFTP server?

copy startup-config tftp

copy tftp running-config

copy running-config tftp

copy tftp startup-config


21. Fill in the blank. Do not use abbreviations.

The show file systems command provides information about the amount of free nvram and flash memory with the permissions for reading or writing data.


22. Which firewall feature is used to ensure that packets coming into a network are legitimate responses initiated from internal hosts?

stateful packet inspection

application filtering

URL filtering

packet filtering


23. Which statement is true about CDP on a Cisco device?

CDP can be disabled globally or on a specific interface.

To disable CDP globally, the no cdp enable command in interface configuration mode must be used.

Because it runs at the data link layer, the CDP protocol can only be implemented in switches.

The show cdp neighbor detail command will reveal the IP address of a neighbor only if there is Layer 3 connectivity.


24. Which two steps are required before SSH can be enabled on a Cisco router? (Choose two.)

Give the router a host name and domain name.

Enable SSH on the physical interfaces where the incoming connection requests will be received.

Generate a set of secret keys to be used for encryption and decryption.

Set up an authentication server to handle incoming connection requests.

Create a banner that will be displayed to users when they connect.


25. A network technician issues the arp -d * command on a PC after the router that is connected to the LAN is reconfigured. What is the result after this command is issued?

The current content of the ARP cache is displayed.

The ARP cache is cleared.

The ARP cache is synchronized with the router interface.

The detailed information of the ARP cache is displayed.


26. Which two statements describe how to assess traffic flow patterns and network traffic types using a protocol analyzer? (Choose two.)

Capture traffic on the weekends when most employees are off work.

Capture traffic during peak utilization times to get a good representation of the different traffic types.

Only capture WAN traffic because traffic to the web is responsible for the largest amount of traffic on a network.

Only capture traffic in the areas of the network that receive most of the traffic such as the data center.

Perform the capture on different network segments.


27. A network administrator for a small campus network has issued the show ip interface brief command on a switch. What is the administrator verifying with this command?

that a specific host on another network can be reached

the status of the switch interfaces and the address configured on interface vlan 1

the default gateway that is used by the switch

the path that is used to reach a specific host on another network

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