CCNA Discovery 4 - Designing and SupportingComputer Networks (Version 4.0)

CCNA Discovery 4 Chapter 2 V4.0 Answers

1. A major corporation has decided to hire someone to upgrade their network infrastructure. A network consulting company wants the job. What document must the network consulting company obtain to learn about the business goals, the project scope, the requirements for the new network and the expected deliverables?

• Business Case

• Project Plan

Request for Proposal

• Request for Comments


2. What is a purpose of establishing a network baseline?

• It provides a statistical average for network performance.

• It manages the performance of network devices.

It creates a point of reference for future network evaluations.

• It checks the security configuration of network devices.

CCNA Discovery 4 Chapter 1 V4.0 Answers


If the firewall module has been correctly configured

Refer to the exhibit. If the firewall module has been correctly configured using best practices for network security, which statement is true about the security design for the network?

Servers in the network are not protected from internal attacks.

Servers in the DMZ are protected from internal and external attacks.

Servers in the server farm are protected from internal and external attacks.

Traffic from the external networks is not able to access the servers in the DMZ.


2. A network designer is creating a new network. The design must offer enough redundancy to provide protect against a single link or device failure, yet must not be too complex or expensive to implement. What topolo would fill these needs?


full mesh

partial mesh

extended star

hub and spoke